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My mission is to help you to achieve YOUR mission…

Unique, Cost-Effective Management Consultancy Offering

Hello – my name is David Lindop and I am a friendly, experienced, independent management consultant, based in Berkshire in the southeast of England.

My business is called Radiant Innovation. It’s about change, and it’s about capturing the skills and values that are already present in a group of people, but which may need some facilitation and encouragement to produce the appropriate results in their organisation or business context.

I usually work in London or in counties to the west – usually Berkshire, Buckinghamshire or Surrey – but I am of course more than happy to look at enquiries from (much) further afield.

I try to offer fairly simple but effective solutions to my clients and so this very small set of pages is a very simple, high-level explanation of what I do, and I will be happy to provide more detail/insight by direct communication as necessary. 

Why might you be interested in my services? 

  • If you know that “something” isn’t quite right in your business, or in your non-commercial organisation; maybe something to do with processes, policies or practices, maybe something to do with people and their collective performance, how work or information moves around your system and how decisions are made and followed up, or maybe something to do with how it all “fits together” – or perhaps doesn’t quite synchronise effectively enough for you …
  • If you think you need some expertise in how organisations function, and how individuals can be encouraged and enabled to work as effectively as as possible …
  • If you aren’t confident that you need or want to employ someone on a permanent and/or full time basis, to help you make the changes you think you might need to make in your organisation, division, or team.
  • If you need help, to pin down your “best bet” opportunities and move forward with realistic, balanced, sustainable and engaging solutions.

If you think your organisation may benefit from improvements to either

  • organisation – team structure(s), job specifications, or interfaces between roles
  • business processes and techniques
  • situational analysis and responsive tactical planning ( how do you regularly track information, find out what’s happening in your business environment, and decide what to do about it?)
  • recruitment, training, staff development or performance management
  • leadership, team working and/or coaching and mentoring
  • strategy,  business processes and techniques, or measures, KPIs and targets
  • how people work together day to day – either within your own team, or in terms of interfaces with key partner organisations – and how pieces of work “flow” between teams or individuals, and how knowledge is developed and shared …

… then please do read on. I’d be interested in hearing from you about any specific projects you have in mind (please see contact page “To Get In Touch” for email and phone details).

My business is called Radiant Innovation. ‘Innovation’ is used to emphasise that I am very interested in helping people to identify, design and manage positive business change, and facilitation of creative problem solving or “troubleshooting”. The ‘Radiant’ refers to my intuition that there is a special kind of “energy” within people, which can be developed, encouraged and synchronised, and used to help almost any organisation to work very successfully and sustainably, if supported with the right environment.

I’ve had a number of work experiences, and have been supported with a rich and diverse set of training, which means that you are are quite unlikely to find equivalent knowledge, insight, and ability to focus and engage on your key issues, anywhere else. I know, I would say that, but please do read on for a few moments and see whether you agree.

My goal is to use my knowledge, skills, and a toolkit of specific, tried-and-tested techniques to help you to quickly deliver simple but significant improvements in your organisation or team(s), and create balance, flexibility and sustainability over time. 

Broadly, I try to bring a few critical elements of evolved, leading edge big business thinking to smaller and medium sized enterprises, or sometimes to non commercial organisations, but trimmed down and made much more simple, efficient and effective. I get to the key point, the nub of the issue, quite quickly.


I tend to work on my own – though of course engaging as much as possible with you and your people – for SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) but much of my work can be applied in other situations, and I am more than happy to be part of a team working with much larger organisations when required.

My work is based on

  • 25+ years working experience in a range of roles in a range of organisations
  • Significant amounts of professional training in many aspects of organisational practice, and individual psychology, behaviour, and working styles
  • my own personal style : very clear, direct, honest, logical thinking and ability to engage and commit. I try to get to the point, as quickly as possible, but without “jumping to conclusions” …

I also have developed, tested and tuned a specific approach/toolkit for my consultancy work which is

  • comprehensive and modular, 
  • simple, intuitive, and quick
  • flexible and scaleable
  • systematic but adaptable, and
  • controllable/transparent – so that you can monitor/direct as required.

Here is an overview of the sorts of issues that I tend to review, and then help you to work out which are the areas (if any) where you most need to focus attention – sometimes, that’s because of how you stand relative to competitors, and at other times it’s more to do with the possibilities of success, (due to your specific risks, resources etc.) for different projects or other interventions that could be envisaged as ways to address the issues.


You can of course read a little more about the issues from other sources if you would find that useful to understand “where I am coming from”, but there is no pressing need – I find that direct face to face contact, with focus on a specific situation, is usually better.

So if there is anything you think your organisation or your team could or should be doing better, please do pick up the phone! Or alternatively email david@radiantinnovation.com, or team@radiantinnovation.com.


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